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Over 95% of the cleaning detergents and neutralizing rinses we use on a daily basis are Eco Green / Eco Friendly products, We will be posting MSDA Sheets for the products we use as soon as possible.! Check back with us soon!




Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning is the warranty approved method of top carpet manufacturers. The combination of proper detergents, rinses, heat and vacuum are key factors to properly cleaning and maintaining your beautiful flooring.  Depending on the amount of traffic, use, children & pets in your home, top carpet manufactures recommend you have your carpets Truck Mounted Steam Cleaned every six to eighteen months.


Over 95% of our cleaning detergents and rinses are  "Green"  labeled, designed to leave your carpets residue free, family safe and Eco friendly. 

The remaining 5% of products are rarely used in small quantities for specific tough to treat problems such as synthetic stains, rust, ink and fingernail polish and are extracted from your carpets. 


Our Truck Mounted Hydra Master CDS Hot Water Extractor 

[Steam Cleaning System] is state of the art, clutch driven by the van motor,  recognized as "Green Cleaning" as it uses less fuel & burns cleaner than other conventional truck mounted systems. Heating water to 230 + degrees, the powerful van motor - clutch driven vacuum blower  is capable of extracting 100 gallons of  water through 2.5 inch hose up to 600 feet from the machine.  Removing dirt, grime, grease, dander & allergens more efficiently than other conventional systems. 

No other system is as efficient as Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning for carpets, upholstery*, tile & grout.

* fine fabric upholstery's may have specific cleaning needs where hot water extraction is not recommended.


We use our Truck Mounted Hydra Master CDS in conjunction with:

· Carpet Cleaning

· Upholstery Cleaning

· Tile Cleaning

· Air Duct Cleaning


· Rotovac 360i with driver & Bonnet pads 


Shampooing, Bonnet & Dry Powder Cleaning

· Rotovac 360i with driver & Bonnet pads 


Tile Cleaning

· Mytee Products 9903 12 inch high pressure flooring tile spinner.



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