Carpet Cleaning


We use "Area Pricing" for Carpet Cleaning!

We define "Areas" as any carpeted room no larger than 200 sq ft., 

This includes hallways, standard stair stairwells with or without landings.

Large living rooms, bonus rooms or basements may qualify as two or more  areas depending on size..  

Each service marked * is in addition to the cost of Standard Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning. 


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Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning

Mike's Carpet Cleaning Ltd's "Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning" includes "Eco-Green" detergent pre-spray, edging, spot & "stain removal"(at no additional charge), steam neutralizing rinse and extraction.

* Please note: Some "carpet stains" may be embedded in the carpet fiber and impossible to remove.


  • Carpet Steam Cleaning
    only $45 per area! 
    (applies to areas after 2 area minimum fee)

  • Minimum fee of $145 covers first two areas

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Restorative Cleaning

For additional agitation of heavily soiled areas, lifting of pet hair & dander we recommend use of the the Counter Rotating Brush Machine for amazing results. Highly recommended yet only where needed!

  • Minimum fee / $50.00 Includes the first two areas

  • Only $25.00 for each additional area

Image by Daniel Wiadro

Bio Mattr. or Pet/Urine Treatment

A three step process that removes urine, odors and stains that includes "Level One Restorative Cleaning" described above! It's a Miracle! Required when Bio Matter is present as Bio Matter must be treated to dissolve for removal & treated to kill odors to prevent off gassing after whetted by steam cleaning.

  • Minimum fee / $50.00 Includes the first two areas

  • Only $25.00 for each additional area


Carpet Protectant / Stain Guard

Often referred to as Brand Name "Scotchguard", protectant is applied after the carpets are cleaned, still damp and groomed with a "grandee broom" Carpet protectant restores the "stain guard" effect to your carpets, repels spills for easier cleanup, doesn't change the look or feel of your carpet, and is ideal for high-traffic areas. Highly recommended!

  • Minimum fee / $40.00 Includes the first two areas

  • Only $20.00 for each additional area